Magic and the story to wear Grimoire Unique fashion mail order

Grimoire is a unique fashion mail order shop that deals with "magic and stories to wear"

Based on natural magic that has been passed down from medieval Europe, we are disseminating how to use magic that can make you happy.

Unique clothes that start talking when magical power is filled are waiting for you to talk to witches, wizards, and people who like stories that transcend time and space and other worlds.

"Magic Textbook-Practice Edition" that tells you how to practice magic and rituals that can be used easily from day one.

Medieval European aristocratic fashion for a witch who traveled back in time to another world

Goods such as uniforms and canes for entering the magic school

We have prepared a lot of special magical items that will invite you to a new world, such as Taisho romance and Meiji period lady fashion that will make you feel like you have slipped back in time to pre-war Japan.

For those who like a different world that transcends time and space and a world view that feels history, we provide unique fashion with a story and help you meet a new world.