About Grimoire, the unique fashion online store

The owner of Grimoire lived in the countryside until he was in high school.
In a small rural town with no Western clothing stores, he is immersed in Western music.
In the days before the Internet, the sight of people going out into the city to look for strange clothes and then commuting to live music venues from unmanned train stations was something of an anomaly in rural town.

Entered a fashion school,
Through the internet, I made friends all over the world and started working in the apparel industry.

I want to show my younger self these unique, exciting clothes every time I see them.

I want to give these clothes to someone who is looking for clothes for themselves, just like I was back then.

With that in mind, I set up the shop.

We deliver unique clothing collected from all over the world to people in need throughout Japan, and indeed around the world.

If you are looking for unique fashion,
Please visit Grimoire.